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2023-02-11 14:58:18 (UTC)

New Story (NS)

I am not sure if any of you have scene the series of commercdials for DOWNEY INFUSUION laundry detrergent. They have relax, and calm, and bliss, but they also have one called ROMANCE, and it got me wondering what kind of effect THAT would have on a person.
If you wondered the same thing, wonder no longer.
This one is only coming in at 2,000 words so it will be a quicker read, but usually my stories based on commercials don't go into any great depth of character.

Anyway, as usual, I do hope you like it. I hope you share it with your friends, your enemies, maybe they will appreciate it and not be your enemy any more, or share it with your high school gym teacher, maybe he will reverse that C you got in Phys. Ed.

Drop me a line if you like it, or pondering other potential stories
Have a great day.