Slowly descending into madness
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2023-02-12 03:20:17 (UTC)

Diary promt

Diary promt: What is your secret desire?

Are we talking about kinks? Academics? Life goal? What are we talking about?

If we're talking about kinks; I really want to have sex in front of audience I can trust. No webcam. A real life event where I invite a trusted friend to watch me have sex with a person I deeply love and trust. It’s not threesome. It's not like the friend has to touch themself. She'll just watch us to have sex.

It's callled exhibitionism. Look it up and you might find it interesting as I do.

My life goal is to be someone really prominent in my field. Like you utter my name and everyone will instantly know who I am.

I also want to be flexible enough to learn pole dance. I just find it extremely liberating. And it's beautiful. Like don't tell me it doesn’t look good