Темный учитель
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2023-02-11 15:41:00 (UTC)

Evening 11.02.2023

It was cool day! And cold! But I like winter.
I kike snow! And slippery ice.

When I got home I started to feel anxious.
No! Even earlier. It was starting in the shop, where i was before getting home.

Earlier I ate to much sweets in that situation. For example 2 chocolates, 2 packs cookies and some candis.
And then i felt self little more happy.
But i felt discomfort in my stomach.
And i had some problem with hals.

Today my little won. I bought some sweet food. But i just made tea and destroyed only normal part of sweet food. And left the rest for the future.

I felt emotional pain like always, when i get home after meeting with friend. But that time I decided to practice the discipline. And not only that
I used some psychological technic that came to my mind.

I took iron thing like a big nail. And tied with red ribbon. And when I was did it, i thought about my pain, about causes of pain. And when it was done, I said to myself "This iron item with red ribbon - is my pain. When i will be ready, i'll take it and will be work for it, but now i want just a rest." And i put iron item with rad ribbon to the table shelf.

And now I wrote it.
My hard still beats a little too fast.
But I will train normal behaviour when I'm along. And i will believe it will be work.

In the one of next posts i will tell about cause of my anxiety and a little glimpse into my childhood.

Sorry for my grammar 😉