Темный учитель
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2023-02-11 09:28:53 (UTC)


I decided write my posts here on English. Sometimes ore maybe often.

Today I visited snowboard mountain.
There was my friend. He have practice on snowboard longtime. He proposed me just take snowboard and train without trainer.
But there were many people. And i scared, that i can knock off someone. Becouse i didn't used snowboard never before.

So, I booked a session with a trainer tomorrow. It costs expensive.
But just one time i can it afford it.

So. What more?
Next week i have 4 days session with psychoanalysis group.
It will be cool. I will hear again that another members of group see how i have anxiety.
It help me to accept people and myself more.

Oh, i tired to write this post.
I looked to google translate to often.
But its ok, because now i set at cafe and waiting for my friend. He still rides but soon will stop.