The lonely codependent

Addicted to you no more
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2023-02-11 08:15:56 (UTC)

Just get done with this finally, please!

I was warned that this is probably the worst weekend of the year for me to go out, so I'm still staying stuck in the house. Which would be fine, nowadays I'm strongly trying to accept my faith and try to find some meaning in things, which is hard when it comes to thinking about staying single forever. But it's all find, I'm kinda ready to give up control. I can put some effort into letting go at least but I can't promise anything.

The beggier problem is that thought my family is arguing all the tim about basically everything. This is getting on my nerves more than ever.

I wish it was already 13th or so. Just get done with this shit ASAP, please! I miss my favorite websites, going out, and everything else I was able to do till the end of january and I would still be able to do if I weren't a cursed spinster. Time passes so slowly :(