Never Broken
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2023-02-10 12:07:05 (UTC)

Let the good times roll! And, to P

Well, I am now in the not so great state of Texas. I was so excited about seeing my friends that it interrupted my rest last night. I will be leaving in a few short hours for the 1 hour 2 minute drive to where my friend stays. We are going to paint the town red, as I think the expression goes.

Yes, I am nervous, too. We went out to eat and did some shopping the last time they were in Ireland and they both said that they had a good time, but people can say whatever they like, that doesn’t mean they’re being truthful.

Got an air bed for the trip. Actually, I got two. One isn’t supposed to arrive here until after I leave so I went to a camping store and bought a cheaper one last night. Of course, if one breaks or something, I’ll have a spare, this way I do not have to worry about it much. The rule in survival is one is none and two is one.

This rule means that if you have one of an item, you don’t have any, because if that item breaks, you’re up the creek. If you have two and one breaks, you still have one spare. My goal is to have three or more of everything I need to survive…just in case. Not like I’m some prepper survivalist yahoo. I just believe in keeping my family safe.

Check list of things I’ll need to bring:

1. Big insulated cup.

2. Dog food for Micah.

3. Dog bed for Micah.

4. Dog food for Dewie because she is not allowed to come and must stay with a friend.

5. IRA militaria I promised to shoe my friends.

6. Electronics including: phones, speakers, power strip, etc.

7. Clothes.

8. Medicines for me.

9.Vape and supplies for vaping.

10. American money.

11. Presents for Carrie and Allen.

12. Shampoo, shaving kit, toothbrush/paste and soap.

MOre to be added as I think of it. Oh yes, Diet Coke.

And, to P. I hope you are ok. I miss hearing from you.