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2023-02-10 11:50:07 (UTC)

Damn it!

The Brazilians in the restaurant I was planning to visit ths weekend cannot read their own calendar and decided to celebrate this shitty holiday twice a year. I'm very disappointed. So I'm probably staying at home instead. The only good thing about that is I'll be able to spare some money to go to therapy in 2 weeks and at the moment it seems that next month my way may be a bit smoother financially at least... while I'm concerned about some other things as always.

Daaamn, 10 more days or so and life finally goes back to normal. Then I'll want to know how much more of my time life wants to waste, I'll count every day as a waste of time for the rest of the year with my dating life never going forward...

Btw for some reason I feel like intruducing the habit of drinking a little every day because I'm single again after all this fuss is over. I definitely need to see my therapist this month. I might go to see that Brazilian band play non-romatic songs after all, just to have one more reason to be sure my mental health is not so great by the end of the month.

I hope no Brazilian ever asks me out again because we would definitely argue a lot because of the holidays...