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2023-02-09 17:09:26 (UTC)

09/02 PT 2

The thing is I knew he would do this. I always knew. But he promised me he wasn't like the other men in my life. So I slowly let him in and he broke down the walls that were surrounding my heart. Well this time no one else is getting in. This time I'm building that wall higher and thicker. No one is breaking it down this time. I'm an emotional wreck and it's all my own fault. I let him in. I trusted him with everything. There were no secrets. He knew all of me the good the bad and the ugly. And he said he said he loved every bit. But it must have been lies because he wouldn't be able to walk away the way he did if he loved me even just a fraction of what I love him. And there's no reason for any of it.

I went to see the doctor. She is referring me to the mental health team at the hospital. Not sure they'll do much but I'll try.