Colors of My Life
2023-02-09 16:36:09 (UTC)


Dear Diary,

I've realized some things recently. I realized that I am addicted to social media. I realized that I know so little about myself. I realized that I don't use my time correctly and let the days go by.

When I can't control myself, I am a prisoner in my own home, letting time slip through my fingers.

When I can't control myself, I am treating myself with harshness as I add more stones on my back.

I hope to experience relaxation not because there is nothing to do but because I have finished the required tasks.

There are too many distractions in the world and it is hard to realize the need to shift through the chaos. But I am glad I know now. I am glad I built a peaceful castle inside my island.

There are going to be all kinds of people in the world and I am going to meet them one day. I am glad to live in a place where most of the people I know align with my ideals or at least treat me with kindness.

I will try to work now,