Colors of My Life
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2023-02-07 09:13:43 (UTC)

Why did no one tell me this?

Dear friend,

I've always lived in a protected world where people are nice to me and treat me with kindness. My parents didn't want me to worry about financial-related issues and never talked about them to me.

I've always hated the school I go to and hoped to go somewhere else. I imagined life in the future would be really nice and much better than the one I had now.

However, I was shocked when I realized how hard work was going to be. No one had ever talked to me about these things and my education had not prepared me for this at all. I am told by my school that in order to have a good life, I need to get into a top college. But nothing is that simple.

It's like there's a gap between me and my teachers and they forgot to inform us about the terrors of the world and teach us how to prepare for this.

I hate the bubble school creates for us because I am going to break out from the bubble one day and I'm not going to be used to it. It's going to be so different and there are going to be so many things I need to overcome.

Until next time,

Blue Sparkles.