Life of secrets
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2023-02-07 18:01:21 (UTC)


I’m sick. I don’t know what it is yet but I’ve got the most painful sore throat. I’m so annoyed at being unwell again. Good news is I won’t have to go to church tomorrow. Bad new is, I’ve got a show on Saturday with my mum which we’ve been waiting to see for about a year and I don’t want to be sick during it. Even if I am though, I will still go. I don’t want to miss it.

I think the stress with buying this house probably hasn’t helped my health either. My dad is helping with the deposit money and he hasn’t made it easy. He wants to protect me but he’s done it in the most awkward way. Now, every time we want to sell or remortgage, we have to get his permission. For me, I don’t care. My husband has the issue. And I’ll have the same issue with him every time now.

I wish he would just chill out and let it be. It’s made me sick.

I wish everyone would just let it be what it is.

The survey was done today. No news on that yet. It looks like the searches have been completed which is very quick, if that’s the case. And we got the mortgage accepted today.

I just want this whole process to be over so we can begin moving. It’s triggered my anxiety terribly.

I also wish I knew what I’ve got right now. Part of me wondered if it was strep but I don’t think I’ve got those symptoms. I’ve just got a really painful throat. Could be anything. Hopefully it goes soon.

I made dinner for just myself tonight because my husband has decided he is just going to eat noodles and tuna. I’d like to see how long that’s lasts.

I’m in bed right now, I’m going to watch a film and not speak tonight.