Diary of me
2023-02-07 10:22:30 (UTC)


It's probably the best thing I could do. It is a pity that no one sees what I have done and am doing. Apparently it's my destiny to remain in the shadows but to do what thousands would call for. I know that I'm pathetic and petty. You don't have to be a genius to be sensible about your abilities. Even with all its weirdness.
I do not see everything, I think I do not need it, even if I had the opportunity to know in advance about their plan or have access to their chat, I would hardly know more than I know now.
I'm lucky they're so stupid and narcissistic. It blinds them so much that they do not see the essence of things. I don't know when this will end, but I have achieved the main thing. I hope that someone will someday be able to put everything together, all the pieces of the multi-layered puzzle. I'm so glad I deleted all my old journals and entries from my previous account. Although even if they read them, they would not understand even a fraction of how such logic works. It's good that the age of postmodernism is so quickly rolling into the abyss without noticing it. When everything collapses, we will all remember what we lost and what was the price of this loss with the advent of the ubiquitous postmodernism.
My generation has been lost for many years. It turned out that we were not to become shadows of our decade of being used. Most of my lost generation has died or sits at work in their own cocoon with horror watching how for two decades people completely devoid of empathy or any feelings other than greed rape and destroy all the heritage that made us happy. They are like a swarm of insects who want to devour, simplify, destroy. This is not a normal state, I have no ideas of revanchism, I think that my generation just needs to learn from the mistakes of the past. That it's not about money and that you need to overcome difficulties for the sake of your creativity, not be afraid of obstacles and not waste all your resources at once, rely on yourself and not forget the main message that carries the creativity on which we grew up. It is better that there are many independent sources of creativity and that cooperation does not mean that one studio or creative team should completely absorb another. It is possible to have joint creative projects without absorption.
There is no point in aggressive competition. It is a myth that someone can crush you. You are protected by such a number of laws today, only your greed and inattention can "crush" you