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2023-02-07 09:20:30 (UTC)

13 days to go: Pure boredom

Is this what the life of an average person looks like? I have some work tasks that I find very boring while some others I'm much more excited about.

I do want to feel like an average person when it comes to work and other things, but I still don't understand why so many people would be willing to die to create their own family. I live in quite a big one and all I can say I cann keep doing a lot of even more boring things for them, which never results in me feeling successful but does result in arguing sometimes. So why would I want to keep doing this later on in my life? There seems absolutely no point in that.

That's all about venting. Now I'll go back and try to make some money. Hopefully that will bring me closer to being an average person.

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