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I Hate Middle School
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2022-12-30 04:47:26 (UTC)

*Is Gay* *Is Also Straight* *Is Also Also Writing Fanfiction For Some Reason*


Sorry for not posting for so long. My friend hasn't been on here much plus Christmas break exists so I'm a lot less stressed out therefore not writing in here as much. Honestly, I'm still not really in the diary writing mood but I'm having writers block with my fanfiction so I've decided to come here so I can complain about my writers block and write at the same time. Solutions, solutions.

Soooo yeah, Christmas break has given me lots of time to think about these stories and even get into some new fandoms. I've recently started watching Sailor Moon which has been interesting. I like the story and the characters for the most part but Sailor Moon herself is kind of annoying. Like, I like her but she's such a whimp! Like, you're a superhero, stop crying and use your tiara that literally turns people to dust. Pretty OP if you ask me so shut up and kill the monster! Same with Sailor Mars, she's kind of annoyingly inconsiderate. Like, how hard is it to just get along you know? But anyways, I've also got Rise Of The TMNT on my watch list, and the one just named Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And probably Sonic Boom. I tried watching that and TMNT once but I only got two episodes into both of them before kind of giving up. I just have so many shows I need to watch! So many fandoms! I also want to finish watching American Horror Story! I suck at this.

Oh! As for the fanfiction, I have two main ones in the works and like 8 other unfinished ones. My first main one is another FNAF fanfiction. It's a Monty x Foxy one in what might be in an AU... Hold on, I'll just grab my summary. Here; "In an AU where pirate cove is being built instead of destroyed and Gregory saves all of the animatronics from the Afton virus; Monty sees something like a plush or poster with Foxy and develops the fattest crush before he even knows him. Once Foxy is introduced, he’s nervous but grows an attachment to Monty (who is also nervous out of his mind). Romantic fluff ensues (with music teaching and pretty views and deep conversations) and they get together and it ends with them settling into forever!" So ummmm, yeah.

Then, there's another one which I don't have a summary of and it's, hear me out, Teen Titans Go. Now I know that that's not the most mature show out there but that's the point! Recently I saw something on youtube about all the abuse that Robin puts up with after all he's done for them and then I remembered their movie and I was like; what if instead of just getting upset, getting hypnotized, then immediately getting turned back to normal, what if he gets mad and really lets them know how they got here. All the talk of replacing him as leader and tricking him into thinking his parents came back and making fun of his physical appearance, what if he got sick of it? I want to turn this goofy little kids show into Robin screaming at his friends for all their abuse. I know it sounds dumb... and it is. But I thrive off of angst so here we are lol.

Ill make another entry soon, I need to get back into this lol. See ya!