Love, life and loss
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2023-02-05 19:12:34 (UTC)


Now physically broken as well as emotionally broken

Just what I needed

Feeling fragile tonight and dont know where to turn other than here

One handedly sorted some of Erin's clothes from the tiny baby she wore to the new born she never got to wear

Tears are flowing as tomorrow marks the start of what would have been my last week at work

A week tomorrow i would have been having my c section

Ive told everyone I'll fight so I cant show weakness now but I dont think I want the fight

I've told counsellor I dont think I can come because of work on Tuesday
That's a lie
But I dont think I can do it
Feel like just giving up the counselling
Backtracking on the treatment plan appointment
Leaving when my manager leaves
I need some encouragement or something to tell me sort my shit out and get on with it
Or someone to give me a big cuddle without judging me whilst I get through the next two weeks