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Notes from my Black
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2023-02-05 04:42:04 (UTC)

Not really enough energy

My leg is still swollen and low key hurts. Hurts more to touch on it. Hurts less to ice it, but then again that’s no fun.

She spent a few minutes today making sure I knew she hated my family… so yeah… she needs to let the past go. They aren’t the same snooty people they were 20 years ago. Divorces and life tragedies change people. Still, she phrased her insults in a way that I was supposed to be agreeing with her the whole time. If you do that, just don’t.

I’m just don’t have the energy to actually deal with it or argue. She was kind enough to keep our son for a few extra nights. It’s my turn for the next 4 nights. I hope he sleeps. I’m so tired. I actually slept about 9.5 hours last night. It could have been 19.5 and I’d probably still be tired.

I’m really trying to find gratitude. It’s not a resolution, but it’s something I’m working on. So today, I’m grateful I had some time to mess with book stuff. She usually doesn’t like me working on the weekends, but I was able to today.

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