Colors of My Life
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2022-09-14 22:43:42 (UTC)

A Summer Dream

Beware of what’s to come
The sweat from blazing heat
The endless chirping by your ear
The weight of time crashing down

And that is not all
The sugary taste of a ripe watermelon
The dazzling horizon as you ride
The flow of your hair in the wind
Will become a precious pearl

The quietness you will discover
The sparks of joy that will form
Embrace them until your hands fail

The clock will slow down
as will the panting girl inside
a period of ecstasy
seemingly enough to last forever

But don’t be mistaken
The sticky summer you ran from
Has found a fabulous camouflage
Like the blossoms of January
And the magnificent empires
It is destined to fall

As the curtains are drawn
Your heart will scream and shout
Pleading for one last song

But it is too late
The clouds have surrounded the city
And the rain cleared everything away