Colors of My Life
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2022-10-15 12:13:00 (UTC)

The Rainbow of Us

Now I understand why Jesse and Céline returned to each other.
Now I understand why Sanmao gave her hand to José.

In this vibrant, colorful world,
the noise is too loud for the world to stop
and listen to your deepest thoughts.

But, when someone in the crowd stops to listen,
don’t stand there, dazzed at their arrival.
Instead, welcome them with your arms wide open.

Do not linger under the trees,
watching the dull cloud slowly inch toward you.
Do not allow the crossroad to tiptoe behind you,
and catch you in complete surprise.

Take their hand and run forward together
through the violent thunderstorms and the sunny afternoons.
Because, together, the gray, somber sky
will turn into a dazzling ray, filled with the colors of the world.