Colors of My Life
2022-12-07 10:42:01 (UTC)

The Glow I Long to Tell

When I pick up my bag
And we say our goodbyes,
I walk into the darkness,
Where children’s footprints remain
And a chairs’ warmth evaporates.

As the drapes of giants sway
And the shirt sticks to my back,
I stare at the yellow glow beyond the castle gates.
A glow reflecting the cars swooshing by;
A glow reflecting the city under the night sky.

It is the color of time that passes like quicksand.
It is the color of excitement’s melody,
A melody that fills my body
And makes me jump a thousand times.

As I gasp for air
My heart aches for I know
The glow will not reach you.

You, who lives in the box
Where windows serve as entrances.
You, who reaches for the stars
Where the brightest day is promised.

Bewildered, I follow the diamonds lining the brick lane;
Past the shivering waters;
Past the grumbling wheels;
To the marks of civilization where rectangles signify those who linger.

I know the concrete and system between us.
I know the divergent tracks we travel.
But as I walk into brightness,
I see you, head bent, glowing in the light.

Note: I wrote this for someone I once thought a lot about. I wrote this poem down on letter paper and wanted to give it to the person as a Christmas present. However, I never got to because classes switched to online and now I don't want to anymore.