Colors of My Life
2023-01-03 13:15:33 (UTC)

To feel truly alive

I woke up from my sleep with thoughts. Thoughts of creating a greater world; a greater world that I’ve written before. The kind of world like the start of Dune where I stare in awe. I was stunned by the complexities of k-pop songs and how I never realized their intricacy. And acknowledging the complexities that go into making a craft, I hope to do the same. I long for greatness. To create something I feel proud of. To create something that matches the cravings I feel in my mind. Now I will need to review for math. But tomorrow, I will be able to start writing my stories again.

I have the urge to run forward with all my might and not look back. I want to forget everything that is holding me back and write something beautiful I will not forget. Create something great, one layer at a time, and let it blossom like the brightest flower in summer. Thinking about this idea makes me feel truly alive. Like my body is rising into the air and great things are about to happen.

I need to be patient. I hope I will. Great work takes time and patience to build it up one step at a time. The great pyramids started from one brick. But I will pull through. I will create the grandest pyramid I have seen.