Never Broken
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2023-02-04 04:29:34 (UTC)

Offer it up? Ok, here ya go!

The priest tells us “offer it up.” The nuns say “offer it up”. The Sunday school teacher says, “Offer it up.” Your gran sees your tears and hands you a biscuit and says, “Offer it up. It’ll be ok, dear.”

Well, here it is God. I don’t want it. I don’t want this pain. I don’t want this fatigue. I don’t want this brain fog. I don’t want this restlessness. I don’t want this mental anguish. I don’t want this grief. I don’t want this depression. I don’t want this uncertainty……

Now, God, I know you are wiser than everyone else, and I’m sure you had your reasons for giving me these things. I’m sure, in some ways, they have made me more loving, more understanding, more compassionate and more able to see beyond my own suffering. Even though you had your reasons, God…. Teaching me a lesson, helping me to grow, helping me to trust you more…

But I entreat you…. You are, since you are both omniscient and omnipotent, you are undoubtedly aware of The Geneva Conventions. I think torture is considered cruel and unusual punishment? Now, Lord, if you want me to keep some of these gifts you gave me, I’m happy to. Just take the biggest and best one back. Take the pain. Give it to someone else who needs it.