Colors of My Life
2022-11-24 21:36:14 (UTC)

Over and Over

I decided to listen to some music and I pressed on this album because I was listening to Madonna's song, Like a Virgin. And this song, Over and Over, played. I wasn't paying attention at first and I don't remember listening to this song before. But when Madonna sang 'criticize', I started paying attention. And the next thing I hear is Madonna singing "I get up again over and over I get up again over and over." That reminded me of the speech Madonna gave when she won Billboard's Woman of the Year award in which she talked about living in NYC when it was really dangerous and being raped. I remember clearly how she said, "my house was robbed so many times I stopped locking the door". I watched the speech last week and was simply amazed by her resilience but didn't think too much about it afterward. But feeling much sadness now and hearing singing "I get up again over and over", I can't get over how she experienced such awful things and is here singing "I get up again over and over". The wonderful things I love about life came rushing back into my mind——the joy I felt during this lecture, looking at the beautiful clouds, the brown leaves falling onto the ground... I realized that I can surround myself with all these wonderful parts of life instead of thinking about the sad parts. The 'depressing' thoughts still come back to me from time to time but knowing I have these wonderful things and that I will "get up over and over again" makes me regain faith in the idea my life will get better and better.

Also, another reason I regained faith is there's this phenomenon where good things happen to me when I need them most and this seemed to be one of them. After survival training last year, I traveled home by the late school bus for the first time. I got off at the wrong stop and I decided it would be a good idea to bike home even though there was still quite a bit of distance. When I reached my compound, I was so tired I forgot a bag I put in the cart of the bike. And that bag had my passport in it!!! As I trudged home in exhaustion, a lady came running up to me and asked if this was my bag. slkfjsldjfasdsl I was so astonished by my good luck I forgot to thank her. I want to say this is one of the good things as well because it happened when I needed it the most.

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