Colors of My Life
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2022-11-29 21:31:43 (UTC)

walking through hell

Sometimes people do stupid things, I think that is what I did here. I don’t know why I did what I did because now I feel terrible.

I think throughout my time as a high schooler, there are going to be many instances where I doubt myself and doubt the future I want for myself. But it’s important to remember what people have told me—this is all a test. It is a test that is all. And I survived it countless times and I have come out of it with success. I hope the things that bother me will stop because I want to live my life in a castle. Away from all the chaos and shouts; away from all the sadness and scars. I want to live my life in peace and quiet where nothing will ever harm me. I hope that I will live that life and I hope it will come soon. I know there will probably be more tests ahead of me because I am not out of here. But I know that I will come out again and again with success and pride in what I want for my life and the way I want to live.