Colors of My Life
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2022-12-28 20:34:04 (UTC)

Notes you didn't see

Sometimes I feel sad.

I feel sad because of the little details that I keep in my heart. Like the time I reached for your hand but you took your’s away. Like the time I kicked the ball to you but you kicked it to someone else.

My craving eyes only want something simple. For you to look for me in the crowd. For you to think of me as the sun sets. I am like a falling star in the universe, lost, as I search for you. I ring your phone again and again but no one picks up. No matter how hard I run up the mountain; no matter if I knock on every door——you will not be the one to open the door.

Eyes closing and shoulders dropping, I leave you a note on the counter: Come see me. I hope you’ll remember me.