Tru's diary
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2023-02-02 20:46:15 (UTC)

Hospital stay continued......#3

The doctor finally admitted me to a room and called Dr. Kelly who did my surgery. They gave me demerol with a clicker so I can get my when I need it. Unfortunately it wasn't working. Dr. Kelly came finally later that evening and first thing he said was "it's been a week" like I planned this to happen. He made arrangements for me to get my back drained. He also had arrangements for me to get a pic line with antibiotics. It was actually the line that is under a pic line. (I don't remember name, starts with an M). The nurses were quite rude, I guess I would be frustrated too if I had to hear someone moaning all night. I couldn't help it, I tried, Lord knows I tried but it literally felt like tons of needles were poking through my head and it was about to explode.
Draining fluid helped some. After a week, my pain was back to full force.
I had to have a catheter in because I couldn't walk to the bathroom. At one point the nurse was in changing the bag and all sudden I felt warm liquid. Of course she knocked it out. I had to sit in a chair so they could change the bedding.
My meals were crap. I mean, they give me a menu with it and it wasn't for the next day. I couldn't eat anyway. My line was destroying my veins so they put a pic line instead. The strong antibiotics made my stomach I'll to where I couldn't eat.
I asked them if I could get some frozen slushy (not sure name) lemon usually calmed my stomach some. It took a few times asking before they finally brought some. I couldn't even bathed, I felt so gross. Dr Kelly even told me that using the procedure (surgery) was the first time and he was going to a convention to introduce it. I'm like chit, I was a guinea pig. That pissed me off.
Anyway, he sent me to rehabilitation which I didn't want to go because I felt something was wrong.
Rehabilitation was a nightmare. Oh by this time I asked for the catheter to be taken out because it always felt like I had to go to the bathroom. Whenever the nurse would come in, I had to tell her to keep the light off. My head was very sensitive. During the night I ended up throwing a fit because I had to go to the bathroom and they weren't answering the buzzer. Yeah, I peed on myself a bit because of that. So gross. I asked her to just bring me a commode. I was not going to pee the bed again. I also asked my co worker to bring me depends. With all that, I still couldn't get a bath. I was hating life. The first day, my head hurt so bad, the nurse didn't make me do exercises but the next day, she was like "you need to get out of bed and do some therapy". Ok I get it, she was trying to motivate me but I was in so much pain and they weren't listening when I would tell them. The incision was getting bigger, they didn't care. I was mad doing arm therapy, crying and not saying a word. What was the point, they didn't respond. Finally, I had to go to another therapist to do my legs. She was the best nurse ever in that hospital. She saw I was crying, shaking, and hurting. She asked me if I told the doctor, I said yes, they aren't hearing me. She didn't make me do exercises. She said she would call Dr. Kelly in and asked if I wanted her in the room when I told them. Of course I said yes, I mean, they aren't hearing me, maybe they hear her.