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2023-02-02 18:51:34 (UTC)

Last night one of my friends ..

Last night one of my friends from my class called me and was crying like crazy. I got really scared. She kept crying for one hour or more but then she stopped. She was not feeling loved, cared and nurtured. She was feeling very lonely. Lastly, she thought to give me a call. She feels heard and understood only by me. I am glad that she feels that way, at least she has a person in her life for listening. It is good that she loves me so much. I hope her situation gets better soon.

My husband did not shave for 3days. I was not liking it and I was kind of annoying him. Finally, he shaved so it is an achievement. My life is busier than previous. Even on Saturday and Sunday, I am busy outside. Maybe it will continue this whole month. And my poor husband is enjoying alone time at home. This simply means the routine I made earlier got partially destroyed.
I don't know if I mentioned it here earlier or not I sent many of my gifted clothes to my sister, sister-in-law, and neighbor. Then the clothes I bought but I never wore, I sent them to my mom.
On Friday, I ordered 6 tops. 3 I got as a buy more save more offer. Another 3 were, buy 1 at MRP price and get two free. Again I got huge discount. My husband gave me look as if he was trying to say, "Where is your new year resolution thing?" I was like, I don't have anything to wear! This is an universal feeling I guess. The next day when I was in the shower, he picked my clothes like what I could wear today and gave them to me. When I returned, he showed me literally 7 packets. In them, he put my dresses day-wise. Each day I can open one packet and dress up. His idea is, after a week those clothes will go for laundry and he will put other clothes into the packet. I think life is much more easier now. There were a lot of clothes needed to be ironed. On Sunday he ironed them all. Additionally, he uninstalled all of my favorite shopping apps from my phone. He said I can install them after two months. This is the best thing he did I guess. I need to get rid of this addiction. I still remember when I was a coffee addict, he helped me to get rid of it. He always has a nice strategy. He is seriously a good supportive husband. Anyway, those tops arrived and they are very pretty. I loved them.
Other than this nothing interesting has happened throughout this time. Or may be I forgot what happened.