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2023-02-02 14:10:31 (UTC)

Pastor Artur Pawlowski -updated

I’m spending the day today in prayer with a little fasting for Pastor Aurthor Pawlowski. He was arrested something like 16 times because he refused to shut down church during covid in Canada. He did move church outside. His worst offense, however, seems to be that he gave a supportive speech to the truckers during their whole rally. Watching him on a video once he talked about how he wasn’t even allowed to give food to the poor. In prison he was stripped naked and mistreated. Anyway, today they are having a trial. He could get 10years. They are charging him with millions in damage because of that speech.

Update: he had his trial, the judge will take a month (I believe he said a month) to decide. So the pastor still has this hanging over him till then.