Tru's diary
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2023-02-02 12:38:00 (UTC)

Hospital stay continued......#2

Gee I wonder why Shannon is my ex lol. I called him, texted him, no answer. Even texted 911 to him and again no answer. I had to call 911 cuz the pain was so bad, it hurt worse when I sat up. I told the dispatcher that I could not get up. To please have them come in. I told the dispatcher my little secret about the chain on the door and all they had to do was lift it up and it would fall off. She said she would relay that to the officer and then got off the phone with me. Now all I'm hearing is knocking, knocking, knocking. Like what the hell. I finally stumbled out of bed, hunched over, barely walking. Half way there, the police finally undid the chain. He saw me and my condition and never, not once, helped me to the couch. Acadian ambulance got there, came inside and had the balls to have me get up and walk a few feet to the front door, down three steps and on to the gurney. No help from them. It's like they thought I had cooties or something. Finally I got into the ambulance, freezing mind you, and ignored me several times when I asked for a blanket or something. Finally after several requests, he answered "I don't have one". Yes I was moaning, I was in the worst pain. My head felt like it was going to explode.
Finally reached the hospital with silence except my moaning. This was in the afternoon when I reached Saint Patrick's. They had me in the hall for a few hours, then put me in a room (still in the emergency room). The nurse was really nice, he made attempts to make me comfortable. Another nurse came in and told me she needed urine sample. I told her ok but my head really hurts worse when I sit up. She told me I had to do it. Night falls and shifts changed. The new nurse came in maybe twice the whole night. Finally morning hits and that same little smartass girl comes in and says Acadian was there to take me for MRI. (I'm still in emergency room) I also told her my head hurt so bad when I sit up. I swear, that girl and her sarcastic tone "so your refusing" I told her no, I'm just letting her know. She walked out and I could hear her tell the paramedics that I refused. I had no room for anger, the pain was unbearable. However, I did ask for the doctor. After the doctor saw me, he admitted me. It still haunts me that I can not believe it took all afternoon, night, and through the night until morning to even see a doctor.
I need to stop and write more later, this whole experience plus what to come brings me in tears.