Tru's diary
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2023-02-02 12:14:09 (UTC)

Hospitals are not great all the time...#1

Here I am waking up yet again with non stop thinking.
In 2013 I was at work, graveyard shift at Coushatta when the night time cleaning crew forgot to put a wet sign and of course I moved real fast at that time and didn't see the water they got in my venue. When I slipped, it took me out of work. Four months I was out. But during that time, I was referred to an orthopedic. He told me I was going to need surgery. When work got ahold of that, they told me to go see their doctor for a second opinion. This was such a bad situation because not only did I have trouble bending, sitting or doing any of the movements he had me do due to the pain, he also told my work that there was nothing wrong with me and can go back to work. Little fishy there. I went back on light duty, but my job was threatened, they pretty much told me I could go back to full duty. I couldn't lose my job so I did. I was a supervisor and always on the move. I'm sure they could see n their cameras how many times my legs gave out on me. Shortly after, the venue next to us (we shared a kitchen and dish room)made bacon and seem to get the bacon juices on the floor. Yep, I slipped again. Even the security emt almost slipped. I had to suck up the pain or I would lose my job. Five years later, it finally got to point where I had to go to doctor. Went to a different doctor and he actually found out what was wrong. Five years I endured work with a crushed sciatica nerve. The surgery was supposed to be an overnight and go home. My surgery was in Feb 2018. I went home but a week later I woke up several times during night with a bad headache. In the morning I called an ex boyfriend and asked him to bring me some Sudafed, thinking I would rule that out. The pain was different but I didn't want to seem a fool if that's what it was. My ex boyfriend asked to borrow my car to buy shoes 45 minutes away. I told him yes but to please come back as soon as he was done in case I need to go in to hospital.
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