Slowly descending into madness
2023-02-02 05:04:18 (UTC)

Unnecessary rambles

Shot through my heart
You’re the one to blame
You give love a bad name.

Song of heartbreak but it gives me a sense of nostalgia. Himym things. Takes me to my childhood.

Don’t want to do anything these days except sleeping. I can't even keep my eyes open for a long time. Mentally, I'm in a blank space, physically I'm sick.

Pre-period migraine is something else. I suspected that this time period will fuck me up. It actually did physically. I went out for some work because I had to and I was in the sun. I came back with pain. But I thought I could sleep it off. The next thing I knew it was 2 am and I had to be held down or else I was hitting my head against the wall. When things get bad, they're just bad.

That's all. I wish I had someone to share mundane stuff with.