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2023-01-31 17:46:45 (UTC)

ChildHood Ace Trauma Score

Dear Diary,
Well Im waiting to go for a walk with a gal from my meeting. So have a bit to write.

We work our way back home on Sat, be in Vegas for a nite then home on Sunday.

Ive been so busy, yesterday was 2 meetings, great fellowship with 2 ladies from christian backgrounds for lunch talking about our experiences. Did a walk on the boardwalk, hit the bakery for chocolate covered fresh made macaroons (Oh so good!)

Made soup for dinner last night and we finished off all the veggies and sausage in the fridge to make it so I dont waste any food when we leave. And it will feed us for 2 more nights, And i got fresh Olive Rosemary sourdough bread, soo soo good!

I have the walk on the ocean bluffs today and hubby and I are doing the infrared sauna against this afternoon. We get 45 min the two of us, nice private room, water, peppermint infused towels when done, etc and music. We do sit nude but nothing kinky happening, we just sweat and talk together. For detoxing and health.

tomm I have a meeting and asked to take a lady I admire from meetings over the yrs for a meal and I may ask her to be my sponsor, I have wanted to for yrs but figure I cant as I dont live here, but hey its worth a shot, can do it by phone. Ive been in 12 steps for yrs but never worked the steps. Regardless Im okay if she says no also.

I was listening to Huberman lab podcast last night with a woman dr on female health, hormones, etc

she had at the end some recommended some things all men and women should do after age 45

The coronary artery calcium (CAC) score measures the amount of calcified plaque you have in those arteries, which is important because coronary plaque is the main underlying cause of — or precursor to — atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) events such as heart attacks and strokes. She said its $250 out of pocket to get it done.

and the other was to get your ACE score, I had to google that and wow, its your childhood trauma score?! This just fits into everything Ive been reading and discussing all wk.

I took it and got a 3, My husband took it and got a 7, ouch! and how childhood trauma affects our health and there is info and sites in detail on it, its all health science study backed.

I could write so much on all this but seeing my husbands score and the statistics, was more alarming and more of a "Well no wonder hes the way he is, and its a miracle he is doing as well as he is!" is the flip side to it.

I have my own and talk openly more about mine but my husband had many more scores then me... many more traumas of all types...

Gotta stop for the moment, try to write more later