Slowly descending into madness
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2023-01-31 15:27:00 (UTC)

This or that?

1. Taller
2. Talkative
3. Opposite
4. Long hair
5. Asian
6. Bad
7. Music
8. Nerd
9. Older
10. Stay in
11. Movies
12. Personality!!!!
13. Wear glasses
14. Shy
15. Night owl
16. Introvert
17. Call
18. Be flirted
19. Hug
20. Funny
21. Nopeeee
22. Romantic
23. Someone new
24. Loves me

Basically Rudro asked me to fill in all 24s and I did and he was like say whatever you wanna say cause I wont judge.

And I'm like I know you wont judge. You’re not judgmental that's like the most attractive trait of yours.

And he said, I hope if we ever meet irl, I wont blush before you.

I like Rudro a lot. That's it.