Amber's ramblings
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2023-01-30 22:47:22 (UTC)


Been talking to Leanne tonight. Talking about my ex. She hates him. And he really pissed her off a few weeks ago and she showed me the messages tonight. He's a dick talking about how I used him. I never asked him for anything. Yes he used to put petrol in the car but only because I was driving up to see him every weekend and bringing him back to mine. Then I would have to take him home again on the Monday. It was me who had to pay out for 4 new tyres. It was me who had to get new disk's and break pads. It was me paying for the electric to charge his phone. And the gas to have the heating on because he was always complaining about the cold. Or cooking his dinner. Cleaning up after him because he didn't care. Talking about I used him. Behave. He paid when we went places but it was always him who wanted to go out. And I had no money spare for any luxury like that. I had to pay the rent and the bills it didn't leave a lot left over. But he knew that when he met me. I wasn't with him for his money though I think I was with him for the wrong reasons. I was trying to prove to friends and family that I was getting over him. They all told me to dump him which I did before I got with the now ex. It wasn't a rebound thing. I was trying to move on with my life and we just sort of fell into the relationship. It started fast and ended just as quick. We were together for 5 months but it never felt right. We didn't cuddle in bed. I didn't want him to touch me. And the amount of times I had to sleep on the sofa because I couldn't sleep so got up until I could sleep and then I didn't want to wake him going back to bed. I used to smoke more when I with him. He moaned about everything. It was always too cold. Or he'd be bitching about the neighbours. Complaining about how often they were using the washing machine. Like it was any of his business. He would find something to moan about even little things. Drove me crazy. So one night about 10 days before Christmas 2021 we litterally just stepped through the door and he started moaning. And that was the last straw. I kicked him out and that was that. Then in the new year I got back with the guy I'm with now.

Anyway the conversation soon turned to him. And she is the only person I can talk to about him. She's the only who hasn't told me to leave him or judge's me for staying with him. No one else I know likes him. She's not exactly a fan of his but she's a friend and will support me no matter what I do. She is a true friend and the only good thing that came out of my relationship with the dick ex.