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2023-01-30 05:04:46 (UTC)

I got fired thanks to my narcissistic ex

Now that I am talking such a lot about jobs...

Well, this happened years ago but not exactly in this way. I've had some temporary and low-priority jobs because for these there usually no serious job interviews.

I was doing one of those when I met my narcissistic ex. I was hoping for a promotion and had a crush on one of my colleagues before I met him so I was also hoping he would ask me out. One evening it became obvious to me that neither was going to happen. From then on I felt miserable and not very enthusiastic about my old job.

Then he came and we were still in the love-bombing phase so I didn't know he was a narcissist yet. But he was definitely more important to me back then than my lousy job, especially because I had much higher ambitions than that. I still do. So, it was my fault as I do not like to be at a standstill even if I may be used to it.

I hope you liked this story as it's dawn here so I should be sleeping. Insomnia doesn't really help me get rid of my hard feelings.