Tru's diary
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2023-01-29 14:04:30 (UTC)

My aunt

My mom had two daughters and a sister that my mom treated her like a daughter. I never thought her daughters had to compete for love against our aunt. To be honest, I never thought about it until my sister's funeral when my aunt apologized to me. She told me she was sorry that my mom loved her more than us girls. Who does that at a funeral? I was mad at my aunt for a long time for that but after my mom passed away, I realized she was just telling me the truth. My mom did everything for my aunt. She even told my aunt that Paul (my mom husband) had been molesting us. She also told my aunt that she didn't believe it.
I love my aunt. I remember she had this little fiat spider and I loved riding in it. I really enjoyed spending time with her at her apartment. She was dating a really nice guy and I think I was spending too much time with her because it got fewer and fewer. Maybe I was weighing her down. I think maybe I enjoyed spending time with her because it gave me an escape from my mom and Paul.
While I was there though, she was alot of fun. We would watch porky pig cartoons. She loved porky pig and petunia. Oh and she introduced me to these Mexican (I don't know name) candy, I think lol. Very very salty, you just can't keep it in your mouth for long because they are so salty. It's not a candy but I don't know what they were but being a child, I loved them.
My aunt got distant from me after her and Doug split and she met another guy. I didn't like him much, I thought he was mean. My aunt never really hung out with me since she met him. From then on, we became and stayed far apart.