The lonely codependent

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2023-01-29 07:07:39 (UTC)

Dreams of... the most dangerous country in the world?

My vivid dreams continue so I hope something is really going on in my subconscious mind at least that will result in a change.

I was talking about this Latin-American guy. I think the country where he is from is one of the most dangerous ones in the world. Of course, I'm interested in other cultures and I've started learning Spanish (which I'd been planning to do for a long time and not because of just one person), but this is so typical of me. I have very strong emotions about things that did not even happen, maybe only on my mind, for example falling in love with someone even if it was one-sided or not a romantic relationship. Well, I'm starting to see how my subconscious works after all.

In fact, he also did one of the things I hate the most. But basically almost everyone has done that to me. My love language is physical touch. It is very hard to f*ck someone without touching them and getting naked in front of them, isn't it? But if you do these things, you've basically seen and felt everything that you had to, so the question is, why would you want to sleep in a separate bed after that? Of course, I know the answer. It is again that thin line which separates me from potential girlfriends as just a potential fun partner (which is not fun for me at all anymore). Men know when they don't want to get involved emotionally so they want to keep their boundaries (against me of course and not against some other, luckier women). I may not leave them hungry with desire in the end but they do every time as I have a much bigger need for cuddles than s*x...