Diary of me
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2023-01-29 05:09:57 (UTC)

Okay, I don't hate North ..

Okay, I don't hate North America, under other circumstances, and without living these four years and knowing this island from its best features to its most rotten corners, I might have spit so much poison, but it happened. And if I'm not stuck here for FOUR FUCKING YEARS WITHOUT THE OPPORTUNITY TO WORK IN MY SPECIALTY! I got to know this country and these people, I feel sorry for them. North America is suitable for those who do not like to think a lot and logically. For the rest, it's torture if it lasts more than a year.
If not for the crappy education and obstinacy and outright stupidity in some moments, there would really be heaven on earth here...
Well. They like be a blind and deaf, so they deserve on that
I really sometimes have to reduce the level of conversation to the level of the school, this is of course a good experience in raising and educating children, but it's hard morally. The funny thing is that they think that I'm stupid, I hear and feel it when talking to them and sometimes they will remember that "like" "you need to say it easier because stupid emigrants are not as smart as us" are and at such moments I either restrain myself not to punch in face this person or hold back laughter.