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2023-01-29 12:31:54 (UTC)

to be Holy.

i must learn to be holy in my life time. Our Lord God is holy, and He insist those believe in Him must be holy. So we can know our Father God is Holy. My heart and my intension must be clean by life. God is perfect and virtue and by His Son Jesus' life is perfect to follow. By life, i repent and praise the Lord the most high. My goal is to be like Christ, by His true love, i am knowledgeable of the bible.
Be true to others, and learn to love instead of quarrel over judgements. The lunar new year holiday is almost ended. My bad habbits and character must change for the better. Today's sunny is like the year of spring soon here. All that i relate to is happy and minding God to thank Him for all that He done for me. To Jesus, blessings and knowledge i must share in my life, further i keep my heart love God.