Diary of me
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2023-01-28 09:06:50 (UTC)

❤️Dear diary❤️

Dear Diary. Today was a great day. I visited the city and my mood lifted, I met a lot of nice people and even talked to them. I also bought some snacks which pleasantly surprised me. Upon arrival home, I realized that I am so happy that I live in North America PHAHAHAHA!
Okay, now seriously. I'm bored. Just super boring, that rarely happens. The monkeys I follow haven't come up with anything new for a long time. It got boring to read them. They seem to be quite sad. Well, you can understand them. Twitter is dying after wetting its pants, and tumblr, as it was shit in 2015, has remained so. I can't believe I wasted my time on them, they are so boring. Not only are they nerds, but also stupid nerds! Those who know a lot of useless facts, but in fact they don’t know anything and don’t understand. They try so hard to seem mysterious and smart that it even touches. Seriously, what's wrong with North American education? It feels like they are not taught anything at all there and the children themselves come up with classes for themselves at school. With the same success, you can just throw them into ditches with crocodiles and see which one of them gets out and give the lucky one some kind of work.