Never Broken
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2023-01-28 02:33:25 (UTC)

Big dogs on the bed? Nooooooo!

I am a reasonable man, even if my dog doesn’t think so. She gets quite put out with me for making her get off the bed whenever she climbs on. The reason is that I promised my wee dog that the bed would be his safe place where big dogs are not allowed to go. She wants to make sure I break my word. I came back from a foray to the kitchen and I didn’t notice that she was not in the floor. She is about 59KG, so she is hard to miss.

I fed the wee one. She never appeared. She never tried to get at his food bowl. I got up on the bed and leaned back…. Something hard under my head. I turn round. She is there, head on one pillow, under the blankets and duvet.

And what, you may ask, did I do about it? What did this dog trainer who believes that one must always maintain the same standards, sit means sit and no means no do? Well, I cursed. I swore and I praised her for lying quietly and not bothering the wee old man. As I write, she is still here.

I know my last entry was a bit dark. I will explain it, but I don’t have all the information yet. I was supposed to get an answer today, but the meeting didn’t happen that was supposed to give me the answer. It is now happening next week.

I’ll try and do better about writing. I think I’m depressed. Why shouldn’t I be?