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2023-01-27 20:43:33 (UTC)

The law of attraction?

Attraction? Will I ever be attractive enough to be somene's serious girlfriend? Well, I've already had a plastic surgery this year, I can say that so why am I still complainig?

At the end of last year an American guy love-bombed me even though I live quite far from the US. So he was lucky to be here and I was less lucky to get love-bombed, this time still by only one person at a time and not an entire group. That was something new to me. Anyway, I'm still open to dating someone from any of the countries on a long list (as long as that person lives in my country or is willing to move to my country). Interestingly I'm already talking to at least 3-4 American guys at the moment. Some of them meet the latter criterion and some of them don't. I don't think this has happened before.

Therefore, it seems that my thoughts do shape my reality. On the other hand there is still no progress in that process from a practical point of view. I still feel restricted in developing the kind of relationships I want. Of course the fact that I'm not going out too much due to my financial and family problems doesn't help either. Therefore life has been kinda boring these days, it is still not clear what I should be doing with my life.