deanne and Connor

our dialog
2023-01-27 11:15:43 (UTC)

State of Our Union

Master has tasked me with writing about my feelings on a new development for us. Here is my best effort.

A new dimension has surfaced in our decade-long relationship. Another Dominant is now part of our life, turning it into more of a three-way tryst. Well I guess it may be a tryst to Them, whereas i am simply the submissive to both of Them. Not only does She also "own" me, but She is also a lover to Master. i admit that aspect pleases me and when i know they are together and i wait patiently it gives me a certain feeling of submissiveness that feels good. i don't know why, but it does and i never mind it when this occurs. It creates a feeling of commitment and devotion in me.

i honestly never thought i would have another Owner. And frankly i'm not sure how this evolved, except to say that it was a lengthy process and far from a simple stake-in-the-ground decision. i do enjoy spending time with Her and bringing pleasure to Her. And my sense is that Master enjoys His time with Her. i sense there are some underlying feelings that She brings out for Him and that He has enjoyed this. But in general i don't get involved in their time together so i am just guessing.

The one question mark to this is that it sometimes seems that Master and i don't get as much alone time as we were accustomed to. While She is not intrusive, it does sometimes present an awkwardness that i can't seem to verbalize. i know that Master and i enjoy Her presence and that She often sacrifices Her own time to visit with us. The last thing i want is to create any ill feelings between any of us so it may take some delicate effort to try to determine how to deal with this in a way that doesn't hurt feelings for anyone. I hope this delicate statement makes sense to Master when He reads this.

i would never want to be the cause of any friction between the two of them, or anyone else for that matter. So this will be a work in progress.

i am glad i had the opportunity to put this to words. I hope He understands what i have tried to express.