Life of secrets
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2023-01-27 06:30:11 (UTC)


We finally got an offer accepted on a house. Looks like we will be moving to Chesham. We had actually put an offer in for it a couple months ago but they went with the other buyers, however they dropped out and the agency came to us. We offered the same as before and we got it. I think they just want to sell quickly. We got it for a very good price. The house needs a lot of work done, but once completed it can look very nice. It’s not huge but it’s okay. Maybe one day we could do an extension.

All I need now is a baby.

Or maybe not need. Would like. To complete my family. My life.

I’ve been having reiki and it seems to be helping. If I’ve noticed anything at all it’s that the desperation to have a child has subsided. And maybe I’ll be ok with just one.

My reiki therapist is sending a reiki treatment to my husband today also. And she’s sent one to Frank my hamster. In fact he’s having another today. Because he’s a nervous wreck.

So life will be busy from now on. Getting through this sale. And then physically moving. Hopefully all goes through successfully. We tried to move 2 years ago and it fell through - at the time I was devastated but looking back I realise it was for the best.

Many things, looking back, were for the best.