Evolving marriage
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2023-01-27 00:38:30 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
So much I want to write but no mental physical energy end of the day to sit and type it out, Im too tired.

So this will be brief for now.

First off Im a little horny, and thinking I need to shower and get spiffed up for hubby, hes working upstairs, I already came up there and bend over the bed (Clothed) and he rubbed up against me and spanked me a few times. A little fun and reminder of what happened last night. And now Im so tired, like almost that dopey sleepy tired,

Ive been out all day last few days, hiking, walks, 12 step meetings, lunches with ladies from meetings, spending time talking, etc.

My Days have been and wonderful, weather is beautiful, and guess what!???!!

We extended our stay another wk! Im so happy! Hubby said yes and so I called the property management co to see if the house was available, it was. So we are here another wk, Im thrilled! So I dont have to pack and leave on Saturday now!

My meetings have been so good, 2 a day on Sat and Mon. And I attended a wed one also this wk, And they just get better and better, and Ive gone out to lunch so many times after and love it, missing having friends and lunches out with the ladies and stuff like that, so I have loved every minute of it. My heart is full, the learning and encouragement awesome.

I went to a class also on Wed am from my massage therapist, exercise one and it was great and I love her so much, she is awesome, been seeing her for over 10 yrs here.

I walk down main st, and even though I dont live here full time, but have been coming here, I see familiar faces, get to hug people, get to say Hello, get to wander in the bakery for dark chocolate macaroons, get to breath ocean air, walk the boardwalk often, hike trails, you name it. Im so happy. I wish I had these meetings and the spa place and this grocery store back at home!

So Im getting my fill.

Been spending time with a gal, met my first born again christian gay woman, and that has been an amazing experience to be honest, I befriended her at meeting and we had a lot in common and have chatted, lunch and hiked together. I am getting such an interesting perspective as a result of this. Because I didnt see it coming, that she was gay, and now Im learning so much from her story and life. SHes awesome

And Ive got new books to read from all the ladies (they have a book club also) and I so would love to be in one of those too!

I need this stuff, I need this time, women, socializing, learning, I miss it so much and just dont have it in our new state. But I sure have it all here and the recovery and groups and meetings and people are just awesome.

I spoke at a meeting, did the speaker portion and shared my story growing up in an alcoholic home but also things today, where I am, the inner child stuff, the things Im learning, etc

Have I said how happy I am here?

Im thrilled we are staying.

My husband and I havent really fought other then a disagreement that first mon we were here over going to a meeting but we worked thru it and came to a conclusion and expressed feelings together in a positive way during that argument

And since? Not really? Life is simple, peaceful and pleasurable here, as we dont have all the responsiblities and distractions you have at home. So we have lots of time to focus on one another in a diff way also. Sexually of course, and his mood is pretty upbeat also.

Maybe we will be really wealthy someday and have a place here still? Otherwise, we can always rent this place and visit every yr like we have been, although I think Im booking a few wks to come back out here in June, to get more fill of this place and the people middle of the year to break it up.

Just feeling grateful, thankful and happy... Also my youngest son, my hurtful abusive one on drugs and alcohol, its his bday today, had to unblock him to send a message his way, he didnt answer,and Im wondering if hes in jail again....

Despite that pain of my son, my life has been blessed in so many other ways, Im thankful for those things