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2023-01-26 20:33:56 (UTC)

It's Ok Not To Be Ok ❤️

I know life has been hard lately and you’ve had some really bad days.
It’s okay to not be okay.
It’s okay to struggle and get knocked down.
It’s okay to not know the answers.
Those are the times when you start to really understand and find yourself.
When the world is harsh, be gentle with yourself.
Don’t beat yourself up, get down on your life or wallow in the bad stuff.
All the storms that you’ve endured lately will pass.
The trying times that brought you to your knees won’t last forever.
But when the weight of the world lands on your shoulders, don’t feel like you have to be perfect, be there for everyone all the time.
Take time for yourself, feel what you feel, and remember that you’re a beautiful soul.
Those are the times when you finally understand yourself better, realize what you’re capable of and begin to grow.
Maybe, just maybe, you’ll start to love yourself along the way, too.
It’s that love that you’ll need to get through the hard stuff and make your way through the darkness and the storms.
Find that love for yourself that has eluded you and hold onto it tightly- tuck it away in your heart and protect it.
Cry if you need to.
Take a really long bath and relax.
Do whatever it takes to nourish you-
All of you.
Heart, mind, body, and soul.
You might just find that the more love you give to yourself, the happier you become.
So, when the next bad day comes along, don’t get down on yourself.
Remember who you are and the love you have for yourself and keep going.
It may not be easy, but you’ll get there- you’ll find the way through those days.
But it all starts with you.
It’s time to believe in yourself.
You got this.