The Dairy Of Oblivion
2023-01-26 20:56:02 (UTC)

Cant think of a cool caption :>

I cant take feeling like a burden anymore. All I know is that I’ll never be enough and that I need to change. And I’m going to change even tho one person it’s not worth it. I mean what other choice do I have? He’s the only person left for me. Yes lately he treats me like shit but there must be something behind it, some reason ain’t it? God I’m such a naive idiot… I’m literally a kid I shouldn’t feel this way because of one person it’s so pitiful omfg. My head hurts, my lungs even hurt bc of shaking all day at school. Yes, I was shaking because of cold and panic perhaps it’s even more pitiful than the fact my lungs hurt after that lol… I wanna and I’m going to become somebody else I promise