Pillar of Light

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2023-01-26 14:58:24 (UTC)


There is this woman that I put as an admin in my One of my online side businesses. I was warned about her for doing nasty stuff to someone. I figured there was a reason for it, and I was careful not to give her anything she could use against me.
We had no argument or any tension between us…then I noticed some odd things the other day. A mutual friend of ours was no longer in the group, and I was also kicked out of hers.
So I messaged her to ask why. Before I even got a response, I looked though the admin history. The person I trusted has been removing many customers and hurting my business.
I took screenshots and send it to the woman I first questioned. I said nevermind, I found the culprit. She called me saying my admin sneakily blamed me and planted a story that I spoke badly about her. It seemed believable so she was turned against me.

So why would someone I was so nice to, and gave the opportunity to make money with me go through the trouble of turning people against me? It was obvious that she took my idea and started her own.

I text The deceitful woman the screenshots showing her that I know. And took her out of my group completely. She called me with nonsense explanations that didn’t make any sense. I cursed her out and told her she’s done, and never to come near me again.

The whole thing just got me feeling so untrusting of anyone. I consider myself very civil, and stay away from fights and drama. Yet the wrong person comes along and does this to me. I just don’t understand why someone would want to hurt me. I am a little scarred by this. It’s put my guard up.