no name
2023-01-26 00:21:32 (UTC)

😇tiny hiccup in my day

Things have been okay.
I’ve been doing okay, not just emotionally. My sleep schedule isn’t as bad as it used to be. My outlook on language learning isn’t as bad, in fact I’ll probably watch Tuonto’s crooked man playthrough and do a Duolingo lesson or two in a bit.
I have a two (1-0-1) day exercise streak (weak, I know, but considering the fact that I’ve been on and off for so long, I’ll take what I can get).

But I am deleting tiktok and Smule because 1- they (Smule) ruin my mood at the end of the day or the middle of it or just anytime ever. 2- I leave the apps feeling like I wasted time and was momentarily addicted. 3- they actually waste time and I feel like my self esteem somehow takes hits while I lose the capacity to have my own opinions…
So yeah.

I’m simply not getting back into Genshin impact. But I will redo my Zelda playthrough on my swit- oh no. It won’t fit. The data won’t fit alongside Fortnite… I’ll ask my mom to help me get an SD card when I wake up. Hope it’s cheap.
In any case, Fortnite is most def being sacrificed 🥰 I need to see link again, I practically played that whole game myself (fam sorta bailed after 2 quests)

Um so yeah.
Brush, 😟wait livin room or bedroom…
Ummm staying here for the duo lesson.

Brush, face, tuonto and duo (compute?? Compute.), THEN living room and pretend to not be in love with chishiya’s sarcasm and kuina’s existence while booing the mc💕 Zelda and drawing breaks.
Yes yes yes
I’m alr with missing sleep. Weekends just around the corner anyhow.