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2023-01-25 23:10:41 (UTC)

Hectic Week

This has been a VERY HECTIC WEEK.
I'm tired but not sleepy. I really want to feel sleepy so I can have a full good night's rest, but no, my body just seems to hate me that much.

Annual Day for my bro on Sat went well enough and I got my lines from his slot's Time 3 character. My Annual Day went gr8 too, I mean, I forgot a few words, but I just rearranged the sentences to make sense. So it went amazing, I think...

We left for my native that evening, and came back home on Tuesday at around 6 to my house. Studied for Maths Practical Exam in the train and wrote most of the experiments in my maternal grandparents' house. The Exam went well, I got lucky in the lottery system, as I got Am & GM, which was a topic I knew how to write properly.

H was absent on Tuesday, but came to school 2day. We had a fun and gr8 day. Covered and wrote the last exp, Ellipse Construction and submitted it to that bitch.

Started with my bio lab record exps. I have about 6 more left to do, I think.

Also, tmrw and the day after is a holiday not only for republic Day but also annual day for grades 3-6

OKay, I gotta go sleep now, and hopefully, FALL asleep IMMEDIATELY...

Today's Song Obsession: Chaotic by Tate McRae

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