Sleeping Bear
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2023-01-21 15:33:40 (UTC)

22-23-24 & 25th

24th/ The weather in these areas has been snow and rain just about every day. The Senior Center I go to has classed it classes a few days I did come here yesterday and join in on my writing class, we talked about different types of writing poems. One was writing using a Stanza where you repeat the first line like " I don't Know" ? this or that. It was fun just to see what others came up with has we shared what we wrote. We also did another writing with Future Teller Cards where we each picked a card and had to write what we though it meant to ourselves. That was a little harder still thinking on it some. 25th came into the Senior Center for a little while had a tea , went on computer for a bit then went to breakfast with my daughter Naomi it has been good morning, because I got out with my Loving daughter and we got to talk about things that need to be done with my Life Instance which is very important. I need to find a way to more. Paying $47.00 now every month do not cover everything and we know it... I am also looking to move closer to her which will be much better in the long run, because I am getting older 68 now with back & leg issues from arthritis all the time in pain trying to deal with life. Now going home to my pup and we will watch more TV plus find something else to do for the day inside to cold for a walk, because he is very small 5LB's and 6 years old. I will step out with him for a quick minute though the day just for his business that's it. EVERYONE HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND